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Choosing May 15th as the beginning date for this publication on the website is very significant for all those connected in some way to the Order of the Company of Mary Our lady.

May 2013 | Lestonnac ODN

Beatriz Acosta Mesa, odn (Roma, Italia)

On this same day in 1948 the Church gave public recognition to the holiness of Jeanne de Lestonnac.

Saint Jeanne knew how to look at the reality of her times with faith-filled eyes. She discovered that the education of the woman was a much needed contribution for the transformation of the society. She united herself with other women and offered a new religious life alternative for women dedicated to this mission of education. Communication was a key element in carrying out this mission. This is manifested in the emphasis placed on personal relationship, on conversation as a path for growth and the use of different mediums.

Four centuries have passed, and communication continues to be essential in our Christian humanistic education: a communication in truth and freedom, transmitting the Gospel values that enable us to create bonds and generate shared thoughts. This new publication “NEWSODN” gives us the opportunity to relate with persons from different parts of the world and cultures, to be enriched by different experiences and to make visible the Company of Mary mission that we are carrying out together.

Together we give shape, in one form or another, to the creation of our reality and the legacy that we leave to those who come after us. Welcome to writing this history, a history that is planting the seeds of a new humanity.


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