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“Everything happens and everything is… walker there is no path, the path is made by walking”.

September 2015 | Lestonnac ODN

Mª Rita Calvo Sanz, odn

The verses of Antonio Machado, a great Spanish poet, "Everything happens and everything is... the path is made by walking" summarize well the recent experience of the Company of Mary.

The XVII General Chapter, held during the month of July in Rome after a year of intense preparation in each of the provinces, is an important event which marks a milestone, a before and an after. The experience of these past six years remains in our hearts and the assuredness that all this, in one way or another, is momentum for further progress.

Life thrusts us forward; we know it holds new challenges. We also have the certainty that we are not alone and in good Company, sharing the same dreams and commitments, a collective energy that makes the path easier and makes possible what appears to be impossible. The future gives us the possibility of being bearers of values and virtues that our world, so wounded in so many corners, badly needs.

These pages try to record the path we are creating as we walk. They are an incentive to continue doing the best we can, with responsibility and energy in the service of those who today wait, quietly or loudly, for our hands reaching out to them.


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