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The General Assembly of the United Nations a few years ago declared September 21st as “International Day for Peace.”

September 2013 | Lestonnac ODN

Beatriz Acosta Mesa, odn (Roma, Italia)

It is a celebration that is a voice of hope for all persons and peoples who suffer violence. It is a call to unveil the inhumaneness of war and violent actions of all kinds. It is an awareness of the importance of joining forces to create a culture of peace in the world, that it may be an effective way of resolving conflicts among peoples and countries.

At these times in which peace is especially fragile in the world, in which a great part of humankind’s potential for creativity and economic resources are geared towards war, it is very important that persons and institutions renew our commitment to peace and justice.

The Company of Mary, in these last 40 years, has made this commitment more explicit, and “peace through justice, an educational task” has marked its pedagogical focus. Today, like yesterday, the Company of Mary wants to continue joining forces with other people, groups and institutions that seek a more humane society. May this month of September, in which we remember other inter-institutional signs of support and help in our own history – in 1605 Father de Bordes sj and Father Raymond, sj resolutely supported the foundation of the Order –be an occasion to strengthen ties of solidarity that empower us to live attitudes and to fulfill actions that contribute towards peace and reaching out in solidarity to the different environments and contexts in which we are present.

*Picture: Immaculate Conception Chapel (Ateneo de Manila University). 


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