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Japan celebrates different anniversaries

The Sophia University 100th anniversary and Sei Maria Dormitory 40th anniversary

Enero 2014 | ODN

The Ceremony of Sophia University 100th Anniversary: Nov.1.2013
The act was attended by the present Emperor and Empress was held in Tokyo. To Sisters of the Company of Mary a Distinguished Service Award for Education was given. The ultimate origin of Sophia University can be traced back to the plans of the Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier, who came to Japan in 1549 to spread Christianity.

Sei Maria Dormitory 40th anniversary: Nov.23.2013
Mother General gave the icon of the Holy Mother and the Child to us. In all, there were over 300 participants. In these 40 years, a large number of students went out to the world from the dorm of the Company of Mary.

The Ceremony of Sophia University Junior College Division(SJC) 40th Anniversary in Hadano: Dec.21.2013
The Sophia University gave a Distinguished Service Award for Education to Sr. Haba, odn.

The young people had a retreat for Christmas: Dec.23-24.2013
The students looked back on 2013. It was expressed by ART… 

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