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  • Dimanche, 26 Mai 2024
  • Saint Philippe Néri

Melanie Lehmann, Head of Early Years (EYFS) at Notre Dame School

Delegación territorial de Inglaterra

I was very fortunate to be invited to the Early Education Congress in Haro from the 8th-12th January 2017. I valued the opportunity to meet with other professionals from the Company of Mary Schools from around the world. It was an extremely useful conference with lots of specialist speakers covering a range of topics relating specifically to Early Years Education.

I found the whole experience to be very beneficial and interesting but I particularly enjoyed learning about the various schools and settings and seeing how they run their early years department.  I was impressed by the bilingual learning experiences I learnt about, and the way education was delivered in different cultures.

A highlight for me was the visit to the school in Valladolid, where I was able to see ideas in practice and to discuss these with people from schools very different. It was this appreciation of the diversity of schools and the incredible work being done by the other professionals I met that will stay with me.

As the only Company of Mary Our Lady School in England the camaraderie and collaboration with other similar educators from around the world was also absolutely wonderful.