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  • Viernes, 21 Junio 2024
  • San Luis Gonzaga

Distance Learning implementation: a credit to teacher flexibility and commitment

Provincia del Pacífico

The challenges of embracing a new learning protocol almost over night has been a gift, although it has taken a while to see it this way in the hustle and bustle of implementation. As we now can step back from it a bit, we realize that it has been an opportunity to raise the bar of an education that can better respond to personal needs and situations. It is one more opportunity to meet the child’s needs given that “not everyone wears the same size shoe.” There will certainly be a “before” and an “after” in how we educate. What we have learned through the Distance Learning protocol helps us apply our technology more efficiently and widely.  

Much credit must be given to our teachers who jumped right in without hesitation and learned as the hour and minute required in some cases. But, the willingness, creativity, commitment and devotion of our teachers were the engine that made it possible for our students to continue learning and engaged.  They have been front-line education heroes to our students!  This can only happen if we truly live from the awareness of being “life-long learners” as educators, that is to “always become more apt.”  How appropriate and timely is the wisdom of Saint Jeanne; it is a gift that is always applicable and keeps on giving.