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  • Jueves, 21 Octubre 2021
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Keeping our dreams alive in the Province of Asia

On july 6th 2013 the Xavier University invited us to bless the houses of the relocation center in Lumbia near to the former airport...

Julio 2013 | ODN

It was a touching experience to become once more part of the dreams of our people in having their own house, and of course, to encounter our friends affected by Sendong cyclone. The Eucharist was celebrated and after the blessing of the houses. It was a kind of feast.

In November 2011 our Mother General Beatriz Acosta visited us and a series of tasks were planed. In that occasion the spirit enlightened us with a lot of illusions: in the Philippines we reached the point to have our own platform, the school where we may share and educate our Filipino people by implementing our Educational Project. In Japan there was the desire to update more and more our educational service, A3 the perspective of future was very clear of what was next. This dreams has encounter its own struggles.
We started doing contacts to make our dreams become true; talks with several bishops, visiting places where the school will be needed, seeing lands…etc. December 16 2011 the cyclone “Sendog” destroyed our fields of mission: retreat house, kindergarten, offices, everything went to the strong current of the river towards the sea in Cagayan de Oro. The solidarity of the Company of Mary immediately arrived: General Team, FISC, Japan, Italy, Chile, England, Spain, Cuba… and the United states which we keep a deep sentiment of gratitude. We started the reconstruction of everything…

2012 another cyclone destroyed again what we have reconstructed: walls went to the ground again. We have to discern well. We reach the decision to transfer our Kindergarten to Nazareth, a place no so far from the actual, for the safety of the children and thanks to the help of our Sisters of the United States the construction of the Kindergarten is on the way… Thank you very much

Our illusion in building our school was affected as well for the burning of the house of Iligan… just we will continue hoping in making reality our dreams.