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Catholic Center Campus Ministry (CCCM)

Catholic Center Campus Ministry (CCCM) is located in Iligan city, Province of Lanao del Norte here in the Philippines.

Septiembre 2013 | Jennifer S. Carbon,odn (Iligan City, Philippines) | Jóvenes

This center is now owned by the Diocese of Iligan, where the Bishop ask the Company of Mary Sisters to administer together with Spiritan Fathers as chaplains, and lay-partners who are alumni of the Center. Our mission is for all college students who are studying in the colleges of Iligan, but most of them are from Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute Technology (MSU-IIT), which is very near from our location. Around this State University are a lot of boarding houses, for the majority of the students who are enrolled in this school come from different and far provinces of Mindanao and of Visayas and many of them are from poor families, who received scholarship grants from the government.

The ministry has three core objective, these are ‘WE PLAY, WE LEARN AND WE PRAY’. Our activities revolve around these objectives where we provide healthy recreation, intellectual formation, with the use of the library and scholarship assistance, and Spiritual formation. To widen student participation in each activity we created different committees to respond on different concerns and to help us reach out more young people, we trained student leaders to spearhead each committee and areas. Before the school year starts we gave them one week Leadership Training to help them appreciate, enhance their talents, build camaraderie, develop different skills to manage group activities and strengthen their relationship with God.

The RECREATIONAL COMMITTEE is in-charge of organizing volleyball tournament, inter-committee tournament and Laro ng Lahi (native games). The LITURGICAL COMMITTEE is in-charge of our daily Eucharist and maintaining the chapel. The MUSIC COMMITTEE is in-charge of mini-concerts and singing in our daily Eucharist. The EDUCATIONAL COMMITTEE is in-charge of Quiz Show and maintaining our library. The JUSTICE and DIALOGUE COMMITTEE is in-charge of monthly issue advocacy like the ‘Human Rights Week’ and ‘Mindanao Week of Peace’. Each committee has regular meetings twice a month and sponsor one creative liturgy every school year. They also organized spiritual formation according to the need of each group.

Since the location of the center is surrounded by many boarding houses, we also divided the place in ten areas and name them as NORTH CENTRAL AREA (NCA), ZALSOS, PERMITES, RENDEVOUS, FERN-STONE, SHEEKERS, UNILS, MELROSE, TIMBERLAND and RAINBOW. Each area has 10 to 20 boarding houses with 50 to 200 students. We conduct boarding house meeting in each boarding houses twice in the school year with different topics to share and pray, to help them in their relationship among board mates, being far from their parents and adjustments in college life.

In addition to their formation we have learning activities once a week such as ‘Talks on Catholic Faith’, ‘Bible Session’ and ‘Reflection on Human Sexuality’ to intellectually guide them in their growth of faith and sexual development. We also give Advent and Lenten recollections. We have monthly mass inside the University, every first Wednesday of the month and benefactors Eucharist every third Sunday for our friends and benefactors who from their own salary donate an amount of money to help us defray from our mission expenses.

For 20 years with God’s grace the center is faithful to its mission to guide youth people to become a better citizen and to become closer to God.

Jennifer S. Carbon: BS Business Management with Teaching License and MA Theology. Part-time staff in Catholic Center Campus Ministry (CCCM) and Vocation Promoter of the Company of Mary.

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