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  • Thursday, May 28, 2020
  • St. Emilius

The gift of mission

As in all inaugurations, the first thing to do is congratulate the Company of Mary for the creation of this space in the “cloud”.

May 2013 | Mar Martín Murga | Experiences

We want it to be a good channel for communication to draw closer and come to know the life that each of us lives in our sharing in the educational mission of Jeanne de Lestonnac.

It is difficult to speak of the educational mission of the Company of Mary, and at the same time, quite simple. For me, it has been a gift, and with it, the discovery of many things, experiences, ideas, nuances, persons… a gift that once opened, you own it, you give it form…it is part of you and you are part of it. Like a perfume, it permeates everything, but in each case, as it is fused with the skin, its essences are intensified, its fragrance is personalized as it is joined to your own scent. A multitude of extracts form its configuration. I list herein some that touch me in a special way:

Mary, woman of immense significance, mother, role model…”Fulfill your Name” is part of the mission. Let us accomplish this, let us impart color to our name.

Intuition, ideas, ideals, images…that make our schools special and explain why and how we are unique. Let us be cautious with our gestures since we communicate with them.

Strive for a better world, believing that it will be made possible through education, with this project, with this mission…

Seeing it in your dreams will make it happen; therefore, let us dream.

Incentive, joy, as the only focus for life, for growth, for change…Feelings that are shared and motivate us to respond to the times that we are called to live.

Others, a network of persons, energizing force of the project that is strengthened in teams, in educational communities. The educational project makes sense only if it is owned by all. Let us not conceal the project in the shelves of the director’s office, Re-design it for the students, for the academic staff, make it known to the families, in our surroundings, take it out into the world.

Newness, “to serve in a new way” in spite of the passing of time, it is adapted to one and all. Do not be afraid to innovate. Study, learn, share…and let us contribute to improve it, saturating it with innovation. Let us be a learning community.


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