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Loving in small ways

June 2015 | Lestonnac ODN

Beatriz Acosta Mesa y Equipo General, odn (Roma, Italia)

It is a great source of joy to make available to each and every one of our readers the Decretum super virtutibus in Latin and English. It testifies to the path of holiness of our beloved Sister Cointa. We also join with Pope Francis’ desire, shared by Cardinal Angelus Amato: "His Holiness has ordered that this decree be published and be included in the minutes of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints".

With the document in our hands we have the opportunity to delve into the life of Mother Cointa. It will especially help us to discover how God is acting in every person and how God’s love can transform us if we collaborate with him in his call to Love.

This is how our sister understood it throughout her life. She had the grace to express this love in the small and large events that formed part of her history. We can say that the search for truth, the practice of charity and the exercise of freedom that characterized her life were her way of responding to God's unfailing LOVE.

Remembering those who have gone before us and who have ennobled our human community is always a sign of hope. These pages are also an invitation to unravel the message that Mother Cointa’s life has our times, to find our own way to respond or continue our response to God's love. This is what each author of the articles tells us in his or her own way:

  • Maria Claustre Solé, odn offers a biblical reflection on the love of God which has no boundaries, love becomes flesh in Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Mª Angeles Martinez, odn expresses the strength of Cointa’s petition to the Lord, "instill in me the subtleties of charity".
  • Father Alberto Ramirez, now resting in the hands of the Father, explains the meaning of a person´s proclamation of sanctity in the church.
  • Marcela Bonafede, odn has composed a song with Cointa Jauregui Oses´ message: love in small things, "in deeds rather than words." Sung by other voices and in other languages, we wish to share her message with the world.



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