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January 2016 | Lestonnac ODN

Cristina Sanz, odn

On entering the Basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil, one can breathe, on the one hand, the experience of faith and devotion of a people who consider this "black mother" to be a special protectress and whose presence, from a tiny image, enlarges everything. Furthermore, expressed with unique beauty in mosaics made by Claudio Pastro the history of salvation is offered to us in stories and symbols that open opportunities for reflection and prayer. These narratives highlight the presence of many women who, at different times and in many ways, marked significant milestones in this history: Deborah, Esther, Rebecca, Sarah, Rachel, Miriam, Judith, Ana, Ruth ... and Mary of Nazareth who integrates it all and fulfills the salvific contribution of each.

Regarding initiating a new year, looking at these women is an invitation to recreate and offer the world the boldness, courage, loyalty, commitment, risk, faithful love ... one that directed and made fruitful their intertwined lives together with that of others.

The reflections, experiences or news that are presented in these pages, minor or important events presented, speak of achievements, challenges and proposals that encourage us to keep searching, as did the women of the Bible, one’s own contribution and the collective construction that will make our world a more habitable home for all humans.



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