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A feast, a small portion of life. We Celebrate the Child Mary.

November 2015 | Lestonnac ODN

Mª Rita Calvo Sanz, odn

The month of November has a special meaning for the Company of Mary. On the 21st, since 1610, we celebrate the feast of the "Child Mary." This feast, dedicated to students, was established by Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac and she asked that it be celebrated every year in every school.

Celebrations help us to take a break from the daily routine, to recreate fundamental aspects of our life and encounter others in a fun and festive way.

It is important to realize that we need these spaces in our life. Sometimes the rush and chores take over, and we forget that without these pauses life loses its color and taste. Some say that forgetfulness is the result of haste, and it is quite true. And without the sense of memory we lose our points of reference, where we come from and who are the lights that mark the way to the horizon towards which we continue to journey.

These articles in the News do not speak of celebration or party, but they help us to stop, to reflect, to take our pulse, to celebrate all the good that others do in this world of ours, or even see all that is lacking, so we can get involved and continue the struggle towards improvement.

The feast of the Child Mary for Jeanne de Lestonnac was a mixture of pain and joy, like life itself! As we celebrate we remember her and her first companions. We remember Mary and so many people who, throughout history, have found meaning in improving their lives and surroundings. This feast is definitely a small portion of life that integrates itself with others in these pages.


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