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The woman, Jeanne de Lestonnac, creator of good news.

May 2015 | Lestonnac ODN

Beatriz Acosta Mesa, odn

The second graders of the Company of Mary elementary school in Valladolid surprised us a few days ago with their proposal to the media, asking them to report on positive news so as to learn about the good things others do. The journalist Maria Casado accepted the invitation and broadcast it throughout the Spanish television news stations.

It was a nice and interesting post by the children, which undoubtedly had a practical application in our daily lives. How important it would be if each of us, personally, were not transmitters of bad news, but creators of good news.
There are many opportunities in our world, so traumatized by natural disasters and so in need of solidarity and justice, to take action, to reach out and participate in building a better future for humanity.

Being that light of hope is our challenge as it was for Jeanne de Lestonnac more than 400 years ago. She managed to find the way to respond to the important needs of the society of her time, she opened a path. It is now our turn.

This May 15 we celebrate with joy what Jeanne de Lestonnac contributed to society and the Church, as a woman creator of good news. Like Saint Jeanne and keeping in mind the wisdom of our children, we want to be an example to others by our acts of kindness and love.




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