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  • Friday, July 10, 2020
  • St. Peter Tu


A new year begins and for us, Company of Mary, we are on the threshold of the XVII General Chapter: "Bearers of evangelical creativity in our world."

January 2015 | Lestonnac ODN

Beatriz Acosta Mesa, odn (Roma, Italia)

This is a theme that is becoming more and more familiar and whose content we will unravel through the reflections from the different groups and communities.

It is evident that we need individuals and groups dedicated to the building of a more humane world. During these days, in a particular way, in the midst of the sorrow and uncertainty caused by so much violence, we feel that to work for peace and reconciliation is a commitment and a call to seek new ways to extend a hand according to the Gospel. The educational mission must be for all of us a place for human formation, a meeting and fellowship which empowers men and women, respects differences, is committed to human rights and peoples, are tireless seekers of the common good.

We extend our thoughts to people in different countries experiencing violence: especially in Syria, in Beni-Democratic Republic of Congo with the indiscriminate slaughter of defenseless people, in Mexico with the disappearance of students and the continued killings, in several areas in Nigeria and Northern Cameroon where the constant threat of Boko Haram are increasingly closer and cruel, in France with the bombing of the magazine "Charlie Hebdo," ... that they be find in each and every one of us solidarity, support and commitment.



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