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Beginning of the Chapter Year: "Bearers of evangelical creativity in our world"

July 2014 | Lestonnac ODN

Beatriz Acosta Mesa, odn y Equipo General (Roma, Italia)

The XVII General Chapter was convened on the first day of this month. It marks the beginning of a very busy year culminating in Rome with the celebration of the Chapter itself.

From the perspective of our present day realty, a Chapter is always an opportunity to continue opening a door to the future. It requires thought and insight, objectivity and creativity, enthusiasm and hope. A Chapter is primarily a celebration of faith: we must believe in order to create.

The theme of this chapter: "Bearers of evangelical creativity in our world," invites us to feel the pulse of every reality, to explore the different voices that come to us and to ask how to embody in our lives the language God in specific ways.

From many of its corners our world cries out in pain. It needs actions that alleviate suffering, that confront inhumanity; individuals and groups that in a free, gratuitous, authentic way make a commitment to this moment in history and its future. We have the ability to assess what transforms and generates life. Thus, this Chapter XVII also invites us all, who in any way form part of the Company of Mary, to discover those people and groups who by their deeds, filled with humble boldness, are already making it possible for the world to change for the better.

I hope that throughout this Chapter year these pages are a means to appreciate the good and beautiful around us and to become more humane, and that they will also serve as an incentive to continue creatively believing in Gospel values capable of transforming reality.



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