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  • Friday, July 10, 2020
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One more step on the journey of personal growth

March 2014 | Lestonnac ODN

Mª Rita Calvo Sanz, odn (Roma, Italia)

The Lenten season that we have just begun as a Church is a call to conversion, to pause and reflect on our lives, to take an inner look, to humbly recognize what stirs within us and on the habits of our hearts. It is a call to become aware of what our support is in life and to grow in freedom, to increase the desires that enable us to continue creating our small histories and the history of humanity.

To discover what takes place in the depth of our being, to know who forms part of who we are, to open ourselves to the Mystery that abides within us making it possible to feel life with all its intensity, to enjoy the good things that happen and understand and tend to the wounds in our world. We discover in our naked truth, without the wrappings that hide and adorn us, the one path that leads to build fraternity.

Our world needs persons with a broad and pure vision, a humanizing vision that makes their life a gift for others. Thus the church’s specific invitation to conversion, to take one more step on the path of personal growth to become whole and integrated persons, happy and peaceful within, able to reach out to others, to enjoy what each one can contribute and offer who we are, the good and beautiful that exists within us.


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