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Women exploited by our life systems

The “trafficking” of women and minors for work and sexual exploitation, challenges our educational mission in their countries of origin as well as in those to which “the victims” are destined.

September 2013 | Eugenia Bonetti, MC (Roma, Italia) | Justice and Solidarity

The feminine religious communities, faithful to prophetic and charismatic intuitions of their Founders, have been throughout the history of recent centuries, shining examples for their manner of responding to the needs and forms of poverty of each era.

Almost all the feminine Congregations have looked for ways to respond to and tend to the needs of marginalized women relegated to roles of submission and exploitation. The most efficient manner to remove young women from poverty and vulnerability and to offer them the opportunity of a sound emancipation which will return to them the dignity that is rightfully theirs, is without doubt a solid formation and instruction. Even today, many women live marginalized as they did four centuries ago– especially in developing countries . Then Jeanne de Lestonnac knew how to listen to and accept the cries for help of so many young women to transform the vacuum of their night into the light of day and of life through education.

After four centuries of dedication and experiences matured through the instruction of youth who were asking throughout the world for guidance to obtain a place in society, we find ourselves yet before great challenges due to radical changes. However, -- thanks be to God, -- there continues alive a charism so current, yet it has to face a constantly changing society that questions our values and our systems of life and education. This reality requires networking and bringing together all the forces who work in this field, to rediscover lost values and tend to a society that is balanced, harmonic and respectflul of the rights and duties of each person created in the image of God.

The aim of this quest is to share, be it with the members of the Company of Mary, be it with the countless persons who work in the area of education and formation, the desire to discover new fields of action and of teaching. The sad state of thousands of women and youth in great part coming from poor countries and living the experience of exploitation and night life is for us today, a great challenge that questions our own educational methods. Nowadays, there are still many persons who ask for and do not find an extended hand that will guide them towards the light. The same exploiters and consumers of sexing return for money are in need of being helped to break the chains of their slavery, of death and disorder in order to rediscover the true values upon which they may be able to rebuild their lives.

My search and sharing are not based on rhetoric nor on intellectual studies of a phenomenon in constant evolution, but they want to be the sisterly communication of an experience of 13 years lived in direct contact with the “world of the night”, first in Torino at a Center to Shelter Immigrant Women and later in Rome, from the beginning of the year 2000, as the person responsible for the sector concerning “Trafficking” in the USMI.


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Eugenia Bonetti: Coordinator of the program fighting against trafficking of persons, of the USMI – Union of Major Superiors of Italy.




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