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  • Tuesday, December 07, 2021
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Holistic education: making another kind of world possible

One cannot be neutral about the future, so thought, Paulo Freire, the most notable Brazilian educator of the XX century.

May, 2014 | Martha Cabrera (Managua, Nicaragua) | Educational mission

With this in mind, Freire teaches us that there is not much space between thinking and acting. When thinking is takes place with a mixture of conscience, emotion and commitment, it becomes acting. One of the interesting aspects, aside from his permanent ethical attitude, is his epistemological curiosity and permanent intellectual boldness, ingredients which are scarce at the present moment in the history of humanity. The XX century greatly misses Paulo Freire. Neutrality does not exist. Being neutral leads us to confirm, accept and allow the domination of the status quo. And, what is worse, all this happens with a passivity which does not allow us to participate in the building of a future important to us. The first way of increasing control in something that interests us is to understand it. (See De Souza 2002).

During the past seven years, life has offered me the great opportunity of working as a facilitator for leadership formation in the whole of Nicaragua with micro-companies, community leaders, teachers, promoters of development projects, youth, etc. Through this work, I have been able to know the dreams, losses, sorrows, joys, infirmities, frustrations, obstacles and the efforts that these persons go through to improve their lives, those of their families and those of their communities.

This work has enriched me personally and professionally. The reflections I am going to share with you are inspired by this experience and by a series of authors as Willigs Jager, Tomas Berry, Cristiane Northrup and Paul Freire, who have accompanied and enlightened us with their ideas, above all those of Jose De Souza.

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Martha Cabrera: Psychology. Director, Ecumenical Center Antonio Valdivieso, Managua (Nicaragua).



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