Coínta Jáuregui Osés, odn. Venerable
June 2015

Publication of the decree on the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Coínta Jáuregui Osés.


   Download decree in english

   Download decree in latin


June 2015 | Beatriz Acosta Mesa y Equipo General, odn (Roma, Italia) | Lestonnac ODN

Loving in small ways



June 2015 | Spirituality

Prayer to Coínta Jáuregui Osés


June 2015 | María Claustre Solé, odn (Barcelona, España) | Spirituality

God is love


June 2015 | Alberto Ramírez Zuluaga (Bolivia) | Spirituality

Venerable Coínta Jáuregui: “Always and in every way good"

The saints are the sacramental expression of the ideal of holiness that the whole community of the followers of the Lord are called to make.


June 2015 | María Angeles Martínez, odn (España) | Experiences

A personal testimony

“My God, infuse in my soul the subtleties of charity” C.J.


Song: "Love in works"

June 2015

Coínta Jáuregui Osés: communication of favors received and donations

June 2015

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